##Extremely Crazy Hilarious Personal Development##

tinyurl.com How Serious Are You About Your Personal Development? More Than This Guy…..

www.MindsetAndMarketing.com http Jason Okuma conducts another one of his ‘PRIVATE’ Interviews Behind Closed Doors with a Young, Powerful, Japanese Business Man Who Exposes The Secret Principle of KAIZEN! Learn How To Dominate Any Industry Worldwide Using This Sacred Principle… In this Golden Interview, Jason Okuma Exposes How Japanese Giants have used the Power of Kaizen to Dominate and take over Industries around the Globe Including the Automobile and Technology Industries, and how YOU can apply these simple principles to YOUR Personal Life and Business to Achieve Success As Well! Just look at what the US Car Manufacturers are going through right now and observe where the Japanese Car Manufacturers are right now…..The Power and Application of Kaizen Speaks for itself. Many Personal Development, Self Improvement, Personal Growth Teachers such as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Jim Rhone, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, and the many others out there all speak of this concept and it’s effectiveness in other forms. In this Exclusive Video, You will Hear From One of Japan’s Top Technology Experts who personally applies Kaizen in his life and businesses. You will discover: 1. What Kaizen Is 2. How to Apply Kaizen 3. Why is Kaizen so Effective You’ll be shocked at what you will learn….and how simple this teaching really is. Jason Okuma’s Passion for Empowering And Inspiring other Driven, Success Mindset Super Achievers
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to ##Extremely Crazy Hilarious Personal Development##

  1. appletutorials2 says:

    A guy trying to be a cheerleader gay

  2. danano7 says:

    Man I am still hurting from watching. Hats off to this determined brother!

  3. sexomaticveganfreak says:

    I really admire the determination, but it hurt to watch him! He needs to build up to those tricks!

  4. leithelijah says:

    This video is great! I love his feeling of accomplishment after the pathetic excuse for a back handspring. Also his smashing of the toes when landing on the hard surface, thinking it’s still a nice fluffy mat. LMAO.

  5. catherineeH says:

    why does he keep putting one forearm down? build some shoulder strength and stability before you try that backhandspring again. you’re going to hurt your self.

  6. 0xygenius says:

    that is inspiring.

  7. joseine says:

    she ain’t so beautiful and he is a prick…

  8. RoseanYoksi says:

    Why we need a, Asian bitch busizz4me.info

  9. shri277 says:

    a gr8 one

  10. kentkaizen says:

    do you know that the japanese dude
    is talking about ramen and naruto
    the wife is the brilliant one…

  11. SUpersaiyajinjerkbag says:


  12. peoplestring101 says:

    Hi Very well done. YES it’s all about our mindset. Creation principles like these when applies can and will improve your life as well as your business! Dale Werner

  13. carlwal01 says:

    japanese and chinese are very clever,intelligent and smart,and peacefull loving kind and generous,they have my respect.

  14. 4plastics411com says:

    A perfect example of how a global economy is a working structure. We are simply experiencing economic growing pains!

  15. Wisdomlikeyoda says:

    Great video. A true Master spreading the good word! Thanks again

  16. bagoona says:

    these guys need new shirts

  17. AMANOTAVANTA says:

    hey Okuma..he Jumi hired you just because he heard you are successfull in the west,honestly he thinks you are an idiot,dude you have to learn how to use your hands properly…let me show you hommie.

  18. denisebouey says:

    many of us aren’t even aware of our weaknesses. thanks for the great points-find your weakness and improve it now. your key to your success is in yourself…awesome!

  19. LukeGInternational says:

    Great points from real living example.

  20. DebbielHuff says:

    I enjoyed your video. I beleave you attracted people when you have the convences in yourself where you are going in life personal and biz.

  21. IAmBrandonVogel says:

    Another Great Video! One of the amazing points made in this video is to stand out, find your weakness and improve it. The better you get the better your life, and surroundings get.

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